ClueRace is developed and maintained by InCarNation Sports.

ClueRace enables quick and easy setup for events in the genre of treasure hunts, scavenging hunts, controlled drives or trail blazing.

The team at InCarNation has kept the app free to download and it shows all nearby events to registered users. On the other hand organisers are able to list and configure events to be listed for participation for a small fee. We guide and interact at various levels for new/small event organisers as well as offer full support for exiting and/or larger organisers. Contact us for more information.

InCarNation – as we like to write it – is all about exploring fun and competition in your vehicle. Thus In+Car+Nation. Formed in 2011 and incorporated in 2014 InCarNation is promoting existing formats in motorsports. We are also evolving newer formats to encourage more and more people to get involved in motorsports. While offering safer opportunities to enthusiasts for indulging in their passion we also promote the credo “Keep racing off the streets.”