ClueRace – Types Of Event

Timed Drives

You have to follow the road book to navigate from start to finish. 

The app will announce you time at hidden control points and show it as a popup box. At the last control the app will announce finish and show up as a popup box. You also have to reach the finish before the maximum allotted time otherwise you are disqualified with MPL stamp. You have to follow set speeds given by the organiser and the app timing is used to determine how closely and accurately you are able to drive.

Treasure Hunt

You need to decipher the location of control / clue based on inputs given to you at the start.

Once started you are required to cover all (or as many points) given by way of clues within the allotted time. You can cover them in any order. However you cannot exceed the maximum time set to reach the finish.

The clue points are usually hidden but some clue points may be made visible by organiser and these will appear as orange icons on the map screen. Finish point, if set visible, will appear as purple teardrop marker similar to start point.

While you earn bonus for reaching each point set by the organisers it is also important not to take more time than allowed. If you exceed the time allowed the app will automatically close further recording. It will then go into a mode for guiding you to the finish point. In such event the results would be marked MPL – Maximum Permitted Lateness. 

If you reach the finish point within allowed time then a pop-up box will show when you enter the finish point zone. Press the FINISH button to mark event as closed.