Mumbai #StandForSafety

Volvo India organised a series of events in fourteen cities across the country for raising awareness on safety as also gender bias.

#StandForSafety events highlighted Volvo’s commitment to improve passenger safety throughout the company’s history. From release of patent free three point seat belt, which is industry standard today, to continuous research in to improving passenger safety.

At each event one out of may successful women achievers from diverse fields spoke about her experience and sensitised the audience on gender equality. This underlined Volvo’s commitment to have at least one third of it’s global workforce leaders as women by 2015.

ClueRace system was used to end each of the program with a small drive. The system enunciated, on random basis, one of the nine highlighted features of Volvo cars. Participants had to match the order on enunciation with feature card in their hand whilst enjoying the comfort and safety ride.