Trail Blazing #XX

Trail Blazing #XX (twentieth event and nothing X or XX or even XXX about it) was held at Gurgaon on Sunday 26th from 7 to 10am. Encouraging turn out of twenty seven starters in cars, SUV’s, Jeeps and a bike!

Driving SUV on trails is taking it to it’s elements!

There were three categories:
1. 2WD Vehicles
2. 4WD vehicles
3. Bikes

Also in each category there was a special recognitions for all women team winners. After a briefing to explain what the rules of the game are and the challenges all participants were flagged off.

The objective was to reach as many of the thirty five points as you could within maximum of two hours. You had to be back at finish circle within two hours or you were disqualified. All monitoring was done using ClueRace app that was installed by all users on their smartphones.

For some of the points you had to get out of your car and walk to the point with app in your hand to the pin point location. A crew in a Thar Jeep trying not to get out but going round in circles to do the needful.

Some were smarter. Parked his car got out with app in hand and located the point by walking through the bushes constantly looking at the app screen showing the marker on the map. And as soon as he got the point he runs back.

Just so that you did not break speed limit the app kept track of the points visited and speed during the event.

All the points were visible on the map and the challenge was to get to them – sometimes you had to get out of the car and walk / run to the point to get ClueRace app register your successful visit. For each successful visit competitors earned bonus.

At end of two hour time taken from start to end (and speed penalties if any) were deducted from bonus earned to get nett points and ranking.

It was fun family activity and every one enjoyed the experience. Next edition – #XXI – soon.

As soon as the participants finish the app displays their individual scores. And the moment last car rolls in the results are ready and prizes are distributed.