Treasure hunt is a competition where competitors are to visit various places described in “clue card” which is given to them at start. The clues are written in slightly cryptic fashion and may be in transliteration from one language to other.

For instance to describe a Golf Club we can use this sentence – “Some times people shout BIRDIE or EAGLE and rare occasions ALBATROSS” or even “There are eighteen holes in this place and yet people enjoy the playing here”. These golfing terms form the clue which competitor have to solve and reach the location.

The ClueRace app automatically marks successful visit to the clue points and keep tab on time elapsed as well as speed limit imposed by organisers. Thus the whole event is run without logistics of deploying marshals to mark visits to the given location and noting the timing of visit with accuracy.

The ClueRace app interface shows Google map and this helps the competitors in navigating or finding shorter ways to reach from point to point.

The ClueRace support team is always available for consultation to organisers for improving their event appeal or for on ground support.