Long before there was The Amazing Race, treasure hunts have been popular party games. Now Clue Race app makes it even more fun using smartphone technology and widening the area of the “hunting grounds”.

Treasure hunts are terrific fun, but they require thoughtful advance planning. These guidelines will help you get started.

The perfect clue

Ambiguous clues mean dead ends and lost treasure hunters. Gear your clues to your audience and you can have a fun game for all ages.The idea of a treasure hunt is to make a trail of clues that leads from one location to the next, and finally to a finish line. There need not be any “treasure” along the way, but there should be a prize for the person or team that completes the hunt and reaches the finish first.

  • Make use of the location — be it a city, a historic town centre or main street, or a mall — with cryptic clues, historical hints, puns and local knowledge to make clues harder.
  • You can give all clues at once and let the “hunters” work out the best route. OR First work out the route of your hunt, then write clues to fit. In such a case remember, each clue must refer to the next place the hunters must go.
  • For a hunt in a public place, issue a complete list of all clues to the teams. Say in a sealed envelope or QR Codes to scan or downloadable PDF file or once clue at a time or just plain geo-coordinates…..possibilities are endless.
  • Make your clues witty, baffling, intriguing — rhyming, if you like. A good clue is unfathomable on its own, but reasonably easy for a hunter who is in the right spot.
  • If you need inspiration, search online for “treasure hunt clues” to find a wide selection of riddles and cryptic clues.

These tips will help you enjoy hours of fun searching for “treasure.”

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